Jackie Grimmett Psy.D, ABPP
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Forensic Services
Forensic psychology is the practice of applying psychology to assist in answering legal questions (such as whether someone is competent to change their will, participate in legal proceedings, or needs a proxy decision maker). 

As a licensed psychologist, Dr. Grimmett conducts a variety of forensic mental health assessments, including criminal and civil decisional capacity evaluations, with a special interest in the area of undue influence.  She completes evaluations for the purpose of answering additional psycho-legal questions within her scope and upon request. She provides objective and thorough evaluations for the defense and prosecution in criminal and civil cases and provides her clearly-communicated findings in a comprehensive report. Assessment services include:

- Competency to proceed 
- Mental state at the time of the offense
- Guardianship, conservatorship, and testamentary capacity
- Undue Influence
- Contractual capacity
- Forensic animal maltreatment evaluations
- Pre-adjudication evaluations for sentencing for state/federal cases
- Post-adjudication evaluations for probation
- Review of opposing experts’ reports
- Consultation services 
- Expert testimony 

Dr. Grimmett completes private pay evaluations, including personality assessment and intelligence (IQ) testing, of individuals in need of clarity regarding their clinical presentation.  She provides psycho-diagnostic evaluations of adults who are difficult to diagnose.

Clinical Services